Evergreen Trees


Here are a few selections of evergreens we carry:

  • Pine ‘Austrian’
  • Pine ‘Bosnian’
  • Pine ‘Bristlecone’
  • Pine ‘Pinyon’
  • Pine ‘Ponderosa’
  • Pine ‘Vanderwolf’


  • Spruce ‘Baby Blue Eyes’
  • Spruce ‘Blue Diamond’
  • Spruce ‘Colorado’
  • Spruce ‘Fat Albert’
  • Spruce ‘Norway Columnar’
  • Upright Juniper

Deciduous Trees

Todays Nursery offers a large pallet of deciduous trees to choose from including flowering trees in with a variety of colorful blooms; shade trees that grow tall and graceful, with striking foliage colors from Spring to Fall. Here are a few deciduous trees we offer:



  • Aspen ‘Quaking’
  • Elm ‘Brandon’
  • Maple ‘Autumn Blaze’
  • Maple Norway 
  • Maple Sugar ‘Green Mountain’
  • Hackberry ‘Western’
  • Honeylocust ‘Shademaster’
  • Oak ‘Northern Red’
  • Chokecherry ‘Canada Red’
  • Crabapple ‘Spring Snow’
  • Crabapple ‘Radiant’ 
  • Crabapple ‘Royal Raindrops’
  • Hawthorn Cockspur
  • Linden ‘Greenspire’
  • Pear ‘Chanticleer
  • Plum ‘Newport’